The Imp Mini Pendant

A compact, 3D-Printed USB movement controller for CNC machines running Universal Gcode Sender, PicSender, UCCNC, or OpenBuilds Control. Built on Arduino for reliability and ease of installation.


The Imp Mini Design

The early prototypes of the Imp pendant used a big fat case and mechanical keyboard switches. While it worked great, it wasn't exactly a one-handed device that was convenient to hold while moving around my work table. I needed something smaller, and figured others might, as well. Enter the first official iteration of the Imp Mini, measuring only 66x96x16mm! My goal was to make the design minimalist in nature, and as easy to set up and use as possible. I also aimed to make it as affordable as I reasonably could, to keep it accessible to everyone with an interest in CNC work. My hope is that the Imp Mini will simplify and speed up workflows for all users, whether for hobby or commercial purposes.


Currently, the Imp Pendant comes in 5 different variations, and supports 5 different GRBL based senders: PicSender, UCCNC, Universal Gcode Sender (platform), Universal Gcode Sender (classic), and OpenBuilds CONTROL.


Simple, but Versatile

Arduino as HID

To keep things as simple and universal as possible, the Imp Mini Pendant utilizes an Arduino Pro Micro as a USB Human Interface Device (HID), which is easily recognized by nearly all operating systems as a simple keyboard when plugged in. No additional drivers are necessary for use in most cases.

Solid Feel and Operation

The case and buttons are 3D printed out of PLA plastic, and durable for everyday shop use. Each key uses a tactile momentary push button underneath for a solid 'clicky' feel; no cheap rubber membranes or contact pads!

Ready out of the Box

The Imp Mini is designed to be used right away, once connected to the computer running the sender via the 6 foot usb cable, with only the bare minimum of configuration necessary depending on which sender program you are using.


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